The Power of Water Meditation

The Power of Water Meditation

After moving, for what felt like months, I know I had to up my healing practices. Part of that was returning to a consistent meditation after catching up on some sleep. Meditation is not an intended crazy-spiritual experience for me. Could it happen? Yes. Does it always? No. Meditation is a time to de-junk the brain, heal the body, and listen. One of my current favorite meditations is sound bathes. Not a physical bath, while I do love those, it is the immersion of sound to trigger healing. As we need physical bathing to remove toxins from our skin, sound bathes remove the toxins within our body. My favorite of the favorite sounds is water. I am obsessed with water. Drinking it. Being in it. Near it. Why no listen to it?

This meditation share is inspired by that moment of sound bath and visualization convergence. Waterfall or pool of light visualization meditations are not uncommon to find. What I wanted was to capture sound immersion with the visual memory of natural water source. It is about returning to a child like moment of trusting the power of water. It provides joy in amusement, exploration, and an innocence that connects deeply with nature. For this, all you need is sound and a quiet space to lie down.

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Creek Meditation

  1. Use a pure creek or river sound like those found on Insight Timer, YouTube, or nature sounds apps. Extra instruments or sounds may take away from the effect of the visualization. Time is not restrictive. How long a sound plays is your choice- from 5 minutes to more. It’s about what you need and are comfortable with.
  2. Start water sound and lay down (or sit).
  3. Visualize your body lying in a creek. You are safe and protected. How does the water feel? Is it cool or warm? Slow or rushing water. Do you feel the smooth stones under your body? Are you cradled in the soft dirt?
  4. Now visualize the water above your head turning to a bright light that permeates the water arounds you. This illuminated water surrounds your body and begins to flow through you.
  5. Allow the illuminated water to carry away stress, worries, toxic experiences, toxic energy. Let the water pull it from your body, carry it down stream, and return it to the earth.
  6. As the water cleanses, you are being replenished and further protected.
  7. The light slowly begins to fade. Gently open your eyes. Wiggle your toes. Slowly move your fingers. When you are ready, you can rise.

You can download the voice recording to the scripted portion of this meditation below.

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Energetically, this meditation removes negative or toxic energy from your body. If you do not subscribe to the understanding of energetic fields, this meditation works much like biofeedback. You are calming your breath, nerves, and brain signals to promote healing when practicing meditations, visualizations, or i a sound bath. This is one of many holistic techniques that can be adopted to improve your health while protecting your future health. I love my food relationship and covet my active time, they are important. Yet, the investment in mental care is just as important. Mantras, breathing, meditations, sound baths, and more are mental care options. Invest in the whole you.

I will be back in a couple of weeks with more on food relationships, sleep, and other holistic practices. I am still writing for, in the mean time, check out my latest articles concerning hemp and hemp extract. Nature is a powerful healer. Nature harvested with respect is incredible. Invest in the nature of your body & mind. Take a bath.

Only the highest in me for the highest in you– Juls