Self Care Ideas: 10 Easy De-Stressors from a Holistic Health Practitioner

Being holistic is easy- it all the senses and not just the physical part of your well being. These ten simple ideas can be tailored to your needs and preferences. Ten Holistic Self Care Ideas Cook a food healing meal with those warm fuzzies Comfort foods on an occasion is a good thing! Invoke thoseContinue reading “Self Care Ideas: 10 Easy De-Stressors from a Holistic Health Practitioner”

Being Selfish to be Selfless

There is problematic self. The burnt out one. The drained soul with a giving famine. Being generous has a boomerang of its own rewards. However, when we don’t invest in self care or set boundaries, we can risk becoming run down. Suddenly we find our ability to give stunted. We need in-pour time to makeContinue reading “Being Selfish to be Selfless”