Eat this: Herbs and Food for Stomach Upset

I am not giving a medical diagnosis or cure. However, as a certified holistic nutritionist with allergies and IBD, this is a particular passion- healing and food for my fabulously complex belly. I love to leverage my food relationship to support healing in my gut. However, herbs and food for stomach upset is not aContinue reading “Eat this: Herbs and Food for Stomach Upset”

Eat This: Essential Amino Acids

Take a quick walk down any aisle with protein powders and shakes. I dare you to walk into a fitness or “health food” store. You will find something with amino acids labeled on it. More than a bench pressing body builder trend, amino acids are an essential part of your food relationship. But you don’tContinue reading “Eat This: Essential Amino Acids”

Common Food Allergy Responses

I have been reacting to my life my whole life. From cleaners to cosmetics to food to nature. It’s been a growing list of assaults on my immune system. Had I know that some of these responses were allergy response or possible ones, maybe my life would be different. My best example is meat. ByContinue reading “Common Food Allergy Responses”