Healthy Eating on a Budget: Eating from Home

This is very much a daily passion for me. As a Holistic Health Practitioner, I understand the importance of a healthy food relationship and one that doesn’t break the bank. We have a family of six plus a furry member that are whole foodies. Yes, our dog is a whole foodie. This is how weContinue reading “Healthy Eating on a Budget: Eating from Home”

Health Foodie: Vegan Hacks are Not Just For Vegans

While there is respect and love for the philosophy and beliefs, “vegan” was a food life I stumbled into as our allergies began to pile.  Food allergies are terrifying with ranges of stomach ache, mucus build up,  rashes, and anaphylaxis (you have trouble or stop breathing).  As I have spent almost a decade continuously scouring foodContinue reading “Health Foodie: Vegan Hacks are Not Just For Vegans”