How Do I Know If I’m Stress Eating?

If you are any part human, you’ve stress eaten. Maybe even full blown emotional meal or meals. Welcome to my corner, it’s the largest hurdle I have in my food relationship. Unfortunately, stress eating is not a relationship we need to have with our fridge or drive thru. At this moment we become abusers ofContinue reading “How Do I Know If I’m Stress Eating?”

What Does It Mean To Eat the Rainbow?

You’ve heard it. Eat the rainbow. Not the skittles version. The rainbow of fruits and veggies- that one. Do you know what it means? You probably have an idea or even a solid definition. Why should we bother discussing it more? Misconceptions. Lots of them. Let’s set the record straight on what it really meansContinue reading “What Does It Mean To Eat the Rainbow?”

Is Food Really Medicine?

” Let medicine be thy food and let food be thy medicine” Hippocrates (allegedly) There is truth and there is stretched truth. Is Food Really Medicine? Truth. What you eat affects your body. Food as medicine is a preventative health care investment. Food can be a prescription to specifically address and promote healing. Heart healthyContinue reading “Is Food Really Medicine?”