Food Allergy Thanksgiving: Remove the Complications

Discover powerful tools to bring peace to a foodie with allergy Thanksgiving.

Food Allergy: Terms on Food Labels

This is a skill that was the hardest to learn. I didn’t have resources or even knew where to go. Yet, knowing terms of food labels for food allergy is crucial for survival. Some years label of food street learning, discovering FARE (food allergy research and education), and connecting with others- we almost have aContinue reading “Food Allergy: Terms on Food Labels”

Back to School: Food Allergens

As a parent of foodies with allergies and being a foodie with allergies, this one hits home deep. Why so important? My child is lactose intolerant and gluten allergy plus suspected additive allergies found in some meats (I have this and it’s dangerous). We have dealt with multiple school systems thanks to our many movesContinue reading “Back to School: Food Allergens”