Back to School: Food Allergens

As a parent of foodies with allergies and being a foodie with allergies, this one hits home deep. Why so important? My child is lactose intolerant and gluten allergy plus suspected additive allergies found in some meats (I have this and it’s dangerous). We have dealt with multiple school systems thanks to our many movesContinue reading “Back to School: Food Allergens”

Remove Environmental Triggers for Food Allergies

Allergies are often boxed into categories: food allergies go with food, environmental allergies go with outside and inside. The truth is- allergies are autoimmune responses that are not exclusive to a particular area. They cross over and impact each other- whether or not you have an environmental allergy or food allergy. Environmental triggers can beContinue reading “Remove Environmental Triggers for Food Allergies”

Health Foodie: Vegan Hacks are Not Just For Vegans

While there is respect and love for the philosophy and beliefs, “vegan” was a food life I stumbled into as our allergies began to pile.  Food allergies are terrifying with ranges of stomach ache, mucus build up,  rashes, and anaphylaxis (you have trouble or stop breathing).  As I have spent almost a decade continuously scouring foodContinue reading “Health Foodie: Vegan Hacks are Not Just For Vegans”