Eat This: Whole Grains

Carb free is the true dirty word in our house. You, me, we need to eat carbs. The issue we run into with health (f*%# diet) is when carbs are processed and refined. Hear this! Carbs are not bad. Carbs tampered with are bad. Eat this: Whole Grains We need to eat eat whole grains.Continue reading “Eat This: Whole Grains”

Do I Have to Eat A Salad to Be Healthy?

HELL NO. This is not the epitome of healthy. It’s a tool that has taken an elite status. It’s time to take it down. Why you shouldn’t eat a salad Raw veggies are potentially harmful for those with digestive issues or moments when digestion is not optimal. Cooked foods may be digested better than rawContinue reading “Do I Have to Eat A Salad to Be Healthy?”

Superfoods: Super Helpful or Super BS.

You see those lists. Eat this super food. Top 10 super foods. Here’s a powered form of super foods. Just super. Generally, super foods are a list of nutrient dense or nutrient significant foods. Often short list and often not the whole story. Super Helpful Foods These lists are not wrong. Often Western diets lackContinue reading “Superfoods: Super Helpful or Super BS.”