food-o-sophy: the knowledge of food

What do I know about food? I love rich food.  Not costly food but food that gives me a lot. What we believe about food sets the tone for our food relationships and other health style interactions. It’s crucial to know food, know how food interacts with each other and you. It’s just as frightening knowing when your food relationship has gone bad and not knowing what do to about it. We will come to know nutrients, allergies, healing, simplicity, and learn to love our food life.

Food Relationship Beliefs

  1.  Food is more than feeding the physical body.  It improves the mind and feeds the soul.
  2. It doesn’t need to break the bank.
  3. Food should taste like something you want to eat not just something you need to eat.
  4. It doesn’t need to be a complicated relationship.
  5. Fresh and whole is best, but packaged is not banned from the conversation.  We have a round table of appointments and activities.  Semi-home made keeps us out of too many processed foods and drive thrus.
  6. Balance is essential. Every whole grain, lean meat, fruit, veggie, herb, spice plays a role and needs each other. I am in an open food relationship.
  7. The process should be enjoyable and one should enjoy the product.