Ground Rules

Let’s be grounded for a minute and level-  this is a Disclaimer and rules.  There needs to be an understanding in using this site.  Count them- starting with…

(OMG. The voice of count from Sesame Street entered my head. Did it for you too? Just me?) Back to counting…

  1. I am NOT a doctor.  I do and will refer to seeking a medical professional.  This is why I will continue to give disclaimers through out blogs on risk/side effects of certain techniques, recipes, advice, etc as best to my knowledge.  Therefore, information used from this site is at your own risk.
  2.  Feel free to share but please give credit.
  3. Respect for others is required.  We are all expected to demonstrate respect in our interactions in comments, sharing, etc.  Disrespect for life and creation will result in grounding, possibly permanent.

This it. Three.  It’s always in threes. A bit creepy right.