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The style is organized chaos or just plain chaos. 

The method is knowledge, experience, intuition, and winging it.

These are my nuts


A lifestyle of wellness is what makes the gears go and repair the breakdowns.   We conquer and manage mental illness, learning/processing disorders, injuries, digestive issues among many things.   The food relationship plays a central role; however,  physical and mental care are a crucial part of the mix.  My hope is you join us on this journey to balanced and integrated wellness that encourages the whole you with practicality.   

Sensible wellness in the exceptional lifestyle

There are a couple of things I ask be kept in mind when using this site:

  • I am NOT a doctor.  I do and will refer to seeking a medical professional.  This is why I will continue to give disclaimers through out blogs on risk/side effects of certain techniques, recipes, advice, etc as best to my knowledge.  Therefore, information used from this site is at your own risk.
  • Respect for others is required.  We are all expected to demonstrate respect in our interactions in comments, sharing, etc.  Disrespect for life and creation will result in reporting and blocking.


Namaste for your total health and food relationship