Polo – About Me

J. Riley

This is one of my favorite recent photos. It has a lot to do with my smile and marking a place of victory in my lifestyle adventure. Pre-2016, I want all photos of me in a large bon fire. Not because wonderful events were happening, lack of meaningful relationships, or access to happiness. It was all in my head. It showed in my body and on my face.

A simple decision to “loose the baby weight” set ablaze a series of Aha moments, intentional connections, and hours to a life long love of learning. I found I gained more in my mental state and abilities than I thought were possible. Our minds are connected to our bodies and spirit. And the other ways, around and around.

This is my passion.

Making holistic, natural practices that are practical for you and are as individual as you.

Wellness is Not Just for Healthnuts

A couple of Important Things to Keep in mind when using this site:

  1. I am NOT a doctor. I do and will refer to seeking a medical professional. Legally speaking, the information used from this site is at your risk.
  2. Respect for others is imperative. Respect in our interactions, comments, sharing, etc. Disrespect for life and creation will result in reports and blocks.