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Welcome back!  You have options: find delicious additions to your food relationship, better ways to care for you, and more. You can click on the “notjusthealtnuts” at the top to find current posts or dig deeper in the “Wellness Files.”  Follow this blog and discover our other social media sites while you are on the side.

This is how we will get it done, find that wellness in our exceptional life.  What you will find:

  • recipes and nutrition to fuel and heal
  • ways to get active and how it benefits you most
  • techniques that address your whole self
  • our journey with ghost child
  • advice and experience in dealing with our specific special needs
  • growth with you


What I could use from you

  • feedback in suggestions, comments, ideas
  • recipe fails: challenge me with recipes  you have tried and they failed then I try to fix and hopefully not fail
  • educate me on your health exceptions
  • follow and share

Your involvement and contributions are appreciated.

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