About Notjusthealthnuts

Integrative Holistic Practioner & Realist

Years ago, I found myself in a strange world of protein shakes, dietetic analyzation, and power phrases for workouts. Health nuts. It was weird. If any of those phrases sound unfamiliar or just plain frightening, you my friend are not alone. After journeying in this strange land, I couldn’t commit. I chose to commit to myself. My sanity, my health, and to the truth.

The truth is there is truth among a lot bull. The truth is health isn’t about an image or a size but a state of being. The truth is holistic health is individual and about the whole you (mind, body, soul). The truth is we need practical in our health practices. This site is dedicated with thousands of years of practioners, science, and knowledge with a realist lense. As a certified holistic nutrition practioner and Reiki master, my goal is to share experience and growth to better equip you in your highest self.

So what do I do? First of all love food and share anything about food. Our relationship with food is a total experience of tastes, comfort, memories, and health or not health. As holistic nutrition practioner, I love to tackle any type of food relationship and how it affects one’s whole self. As a Reiki master, I understand the physics and science behind energy and its effect on our health. As an EFT tapping advocate, I am a fighter for mental health.

Health is not about an image.

It’s about loving yourself where you are.

It’s about what you feed your mouth and mind.

Wellness is Not Just for Healthnuts

A couple of Important Things to Keep in mind when using this site:

  1. I am NOT a doctor. I do and will refer to seeking a medical professional. Legally speaking, the information used from this site is at your risk.
  2. Respect for others is imperative. Respect in our interactions, comments, sharing, etc. Disrespect for life and creation will result in reports and blocks.