Eat This: Behind the Scenes Thanksgiving Spices

In each bite, these unsung heroes make your Thanksgiving tasty. I’m talking the spicier side of your Thanksgiving- those herbs and spices that make your dishes complete. A second part to our nutritional Thanksgiving series, part one tackles the main players, now we lift up the smaller and often unseen participants. Herbs and Spices areContinue reading “Eat This: Behind the Scenes Thanksgiving Spices”

Eat this: The Surprising Nutrition Behind Thanksgiving Food

Somewhere a nutrition cringed at this title. Maybe it’s the excess of portion sizes. Possibly, something being deep fried. The sugar. All the glorious sugar. A one day a year event brings terror to the ultra health conscious. It shouldn’t. This holiday- whether based on myth, actual accounts, or change of season- it stands stillContinue reading “Eat this: The Surprising Nutrition Behind Thanksgiving Food”

Eat This: Flavonoids and Isoflavones

Eat your fruits and veggies are more than just a means to get dessert. So much happens when you sit down with a plate of food. You’re developing a relationship for enjoyment (yes you should enjoy your food) and for you health. Plant based foods provide many nutrients including phytochemicals (phyto means plant based) whichContinue reading “Eat This: Flavonoids and Isoflavones”