Homemade Dog Food for Dogs with Allergies

Nothing about this is fancy. No sophisticated recipes or ingredients. That’s the point. These recipe ideas are for beginners or the “lovingly but tapped out” committed. First note that dogs do need their food switched up from time to time as they get bored. Also, monitor how they react. Like Archie, who loves to pickContinue reading “Homemade Dog Food for Dogs with Allergies”

Food Allergy Causing Your Dog to Itch?

Taking a break from humans. Our dog fits perfectly in our life. Hyper AF. Loves the outdoors. Has anxiety. AND a foodie with allergy. I mean this dog loves to eat. This is our Archie. After rounds of dog food taste tests and sleepless nights, I tackled his nutritional needs like anyone else. Who’s theContinue reading “Food Allergy Causing Your Dog to Itch?”