Do This: Cross the Midline Exercises. Using Movement to Your Brain Advantage.

Cross the midline exercises became important some years ago while I was working in education.  The understanding was to use intentional movements to build multiple brain path ways and reinforce balance in a child’s cognitive or motor development.  This purposeful kinesthetic teaching can be useful for various cognitive and learning disorders too. Many of the children’sContinue reading “Do This: Cross the Midline Exercises. Using Movement to Your Brain Advantage.”

Do This: Detox for the Brain

Health nuts like to talk about detox. A lot. Honestly, I feel like it’s an overused term but it’s most certainly not an overused practice. We need to detox and our bodies are constantly doing it. Sometimes we need to cleanse too. However, let’s be sure to understand the differences between cleanse vs detox. TheyContinue reading “Do This: Detox for the Brain”

Reducing Back to School Anxiety

Back to school brings lots of emotions. Often at once. This past week we have swung from sheer terror (learning at home) to excitement to fear. That was just me. I haven’t been in the classroom in years and this would not be a time I would go running. Respect doesn’t even cover it forContinue reading “Reducing Back to School Anxiety”