Eat This: Beans and Legumes: the Good, the Bad, the Lies.

Truth be told, I should need to write this. Or need for me to take a continuing education course on legumes. Yes, a course on beans. A course on beans becomes necessary when too many healthnuts are raging and warning me (and others), you guessed it, not to eat beans. Why is this small butContinue reading “Eat This: Beans and Legumes: the Good, the Bad, the Lies.”

Eat This: Detox Herbs

If you’re anything like me or much of social media posts, you’re ready to rid yourself of a challenging year. You may be thinking it’s time for a cleanse. Cleanses are useful when toxins are truly high and there’s an immediate need to force them out. Detoxes are beneficial and necessary in your food relationship.Continue reading “Eat This: Detox Herbs”

Eat This: Behind the Scenes Thanksgiving Spices

In each bite, these unsung heroes make your Thanksgiving tasty. I’m talking the spicier side of your Thanksgiving- those herbs and spices that make your dishes complete. A second part to our nutritional Thanksgiving series, part one tackles the main players, now we lift up the smaller and often unseen participants. Herbs and Spices areContinue reading “Eat This: Behind the Scenes Thanksgiving Spices”