Food Allergy: Terms on Food Labels

This is a skill that was the hardest to learn. I didn’t have resources or even knew where to go. Yet, knowing terms of food labels for food allergy is crucial for survival. Some years label of food street learning, discovering FARE (food allergy research and education), and connecting with others- we almost have aContinue reading “Food Allergy: Terms on Food Labels”

Common Food Allergy Responses

I have been reacting to my life my whole life. From cleaners to cosmetics to food to nature. It’s been a growing list of assaults on my immune system. Had I know that some of these responses were allergy response or possible ones, maybe my life would be different. My best example is meat. ByContinue reading “Common Food Allergy Responses”

8 Vegetarian Protein Sources That Could Work for Food Allergies

As as foodie with allergy finding sources of protein can be difficult. Two of my allergies are animal based which limits the traditional protein source. Some of the top protein eaten are common allergens: peanuts, soy, eggs, shellfish, dairy, tree nut, fish, sesame seeds. Animal based proteins are not your only option. Vegetarian protein sourcesContinue reading “8 Vegetarian Protein Sources That Could Work for Food Allergies”