Can Environmental Allergies Cause Stomach Problems?

The long and short of it is- yes. Environmental Allergies can cause stomach problems. Typically allergies are seen as sneezing and coughing. Food allergies and bee stings are associated with anaophylaxis. The truth is allergies are a specific autoimmune response and there isn’t a set rule on reactions and what can cause them. How DoesContinue reading “Can Environmental Allergies Cause Stomach Problems?”

Remove Environmental Triggers for Food Allergies

Allergies are often boxed into categories: food allergies go with food, environmental allergies go with outside and inside. The truth is- allergies are autoimmune responses that are not exclusive to a particular area. They cross over and impact each other- whether or not you have an environmental allergy or food allergy. Environmental triggers can beContinue reading “Remove Environmental Triggers for Food Allergies”

How to Find the Right CBD Product

“Discover how your CBD is made before taking it” Your life and quality of life is at risk when we don’t read labels, ask questions, and get industry savvy. Find out how to discover those trusted professionals.