Eat This: Essential Amino Acids

Take a quick walk down any aisle with protein powders and shakes. I dare you to walk into a fitness or “health food” store. You will find something with amino acids labeled on it. More than a bench pressing body builder trend, amino acids are an essential part of your food relationship. But you don’tContinue reading “Eat This: Essential Amino Acids”

Food Allergy: Terms on Food Labels

This is a skill that was the hardest to learn. I didn’t have resources or even knew where to go. Yet, knowing terms of food labels for food allergy is crucial for survival. Some years label of food street learning, discovering FARE (food allergy research and education), and connecting with others- we almost have aContinue reading “Food Allergy: Terms on Food Labels”

Eat This: Fall Foods with Lutein

Lutein should be eaten anytime during the year. But my chilly, sweater obsessed self couldn’t even. It’s fall, my favorite food relationship season of the year. I mean I’m love fall everything and Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Most fall foods help keep you rooted and are rich in nutrients. Plus, it’s loaded with lutein.Continue reading “Eat This: Fall Foods with Lutein”