These are the Nuts

Two years ago I felt buried. Under weight, depression, anxiety, stress, and piling health issues. Something HAD to change. It started with a “lose that baby weight” goal that exploded into so much more. I lost weight and gained health- most of all mental health. Depression, anxiety, ADHD- managed. Confidence- boosted. Absorbent amounts of energy to keep up with a large family and child with special needs- done.  Well, until the iron deficiency hit.  Leveraging wellness to get that monster under control.

Additionally, our family has exceptions to health.  Special needs that means extra doctor appointments, therapies, and creative family dynamics.  We are “that family” of food allergies that asks tons of questions and have pensive looks on our face concerning pubic sharing of food.  There are lots of exceptions, hurdles, and challenges in health. We are right there with you.

In our journey we are re-loving food and finding balanced wellness- join us.   Through this blog we will work with the exceptions by creating healthy food relationships, make the most of our activity, and treat the whole self in practical ways.  Let’s create a well loved life.

Sensible Wellness in the Exceptional Lifestyle.