Eat This: Shakes and Juices for Weight Loss

April fools.

You will not find a recipe or a sign up sheet for a pyramid scheme.

Lightly mention you want to get healthy and you will receive about a dozen recommendations for a shake. Seriously, I’ve lost count. But shakes and juices for weight loss? You’ve lost the point. Could they be used for weight loss? Absolutely. I’ve fallen for that before. Most likely you will gain your weight back and more much like 80% of us. There’s absa-fucking-lutely nothing sensible about a shake for a meal. Rarely are you satisfied and there is not enough substance to sustain you.

But they’re not worthless and they do have tremendous value.

Why you should shake or juice

  • Its for a nutritional punch
    • The right shake or juice are incredibly nutrient dense which is handy when getting enough nutrients is a struggle. Many protein powders can be added to recipes- like cookies. Cause why not.
  • For cleanse or detox
    • Fruits and veggies are our allies. With targeted combinations we can support our healing, get rid of what we don’t need, and give our bodies what it does need.
  • When you struggle to eat enough
    • There are times when I struggle to eat. Solid foods sound like torture but I need something to sustain me. Shakes and juices are not always an option either but are helpful when I can use them.

Why you won’t want to do it

  • Expense
    • This can be an expensive habit to adopt. There is this misconception that health food cost more. It’s not true. However, your shake or diet enhancements should not put you into debt. Look around every where, especially places that offer no condition refunds cause this next reason…
  • Taste
    • There are protein shakes and juice options that do taste good. Yet, too many taste buds have been harmed in the making of this habit. I tried, I mean TRIED, to go vegan protein shake. I can still taste the ground up ancient clay pots.
  • Food relationship
    • Shakes and juicing is hard to sustain on, especially if you are switching from a high processed or high calorie diet. They truly operate best as part of a meal, a snack, or a recipe enhancement.
  • Physical cautions
    • If you have medical conditions, check with your doc before trying anything. High protein can clog up your adrenal system, possibly creating kidney stones. Too much meat or whey protein is not a good thing for anyone. Keep it all in balance.

Don’t get fooled with health nut trends and misconceptions. When used for the right reasons, shakes and juices are helpful. However, you can eat real food and feed your well being. If you question where you are in your food relationship, I hope my personal journey of coming to loving place in my food relationship maybe spark an inspiration for you. Being in a loving food relationship allowed me to put shakes and juices in the right place. It is about us using them to feel our best. That’s it.

Published by JRiley

Certified holistic nutritionist, reiki master, and yogi who hates kale and loves tacos.

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