Do This: Mindful Eating. Confessions from an ADHD Eater.

I am just horrible with this.

I know how to eat. I know how to eat nutrient dense. But being present in the moment is so freaking hard. I’ve got my list of excuses: children, trainings, dog, emails coming through, appointments to make, ways to distract myself, and making lists. As a certified ADHDian among my mini-ADHDians it doesn’t take much to loose focus in… anything. Mindful eating is not a personal strength or a strength in this house. But we’re not giving up but we might get side tracked.

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5 reasons why we need to be mindful when eating

  • Not choking on our food
  • Make better food choices
  • Release more happy chemicals
  • Connect with others and/or ourselves
  • Know when our stomachs are full

There are certainly more reasons, but our attention span is short. Knowing why is important as it focuses our motivation to keep trying to be mindful when eating. Now the question is how do we do it?

3 Suggestions for Mindful Eating

  1. Put the phones down and turn the technology off.
    • This point cannot be underestimated. Even if it’s one meal a day it’s worth it- turn off the technology off. Other activities really don’t belong at meal time either. Exception to this may be conversation cards. Otherwise even excellent activities like reading or turning your food into a work of art is left better when you’re not eating.
  2. Be food focused.
    • Be thankful your food. Bless yourself. Then savor your meal with your senses. It’s more than your taste buds. It’s smells. What you hear. Look at colors or outside or what’s going on around you. Your senses ground you and help keep you in the moment.
  3. Have a designated place to eat.
    • It doesn’t have to be a table or a separate room to eat. Just have a place or a spot that’s just for eating. This sets the mood so to speak. It’s a signal to your mind this is time to eat and helps with being mindful. Mix it up and eat outside every once and a while or more. It offers a different perspective and new opportunities for your senses. Adding some Vitamin D from the sun wouldn’t hurt either. Avoid on the go eating as much as possible. We can’t be present thus mindful if we’re worried about getting from point a to point b or x,y,z.

The best way to be mindful when eating is too keep it simple and be sensory focused. If all three suggestions seem like too much. Pick one and focus on that for a couple of weeks. Then you can add another. Sometimes we slip up, it’s a hard day, or there’s so much going on- that’s okay too. Our food relationships have ups and downs like any relationship. We try our best and keep making steps. In our case baby steps. Walk or stumble with us as we work on feeding a better us with mindful eating.

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