Eat this: Herbs and Food for Stomach Upset

I am not giving a medical diagnosis or cure. However, as a certified holistic nutritionist with allergies and IBD, this is a particular passion- healing and food for my fabulously complex belly. I love to leverage my food relationship to support healing in my gut. However, herbs and food for stomach upset is not a one and done. Aches can be different and have different reasons. The most powerful tool is you. Trust your gut. Literally, listen to what it needs and when you think medical help is necessary. Take this list and put it in your tool belt with the powerful knowledge you have about yourself and your stomach.

Hold up.

Before we dive into your plate or cup, know a few things:

  • If it doesn’t feel good when ingested- don’t repeat while in that particular stomach upset. Your body talks, listen.
  • Don’t force it down. If you don’t have an appetite- listen, you body is talking to you. Eating is a workout for your gut- maybe, possibly take a small bite to test a food and see what your stomach says.
  • Food is not the only healer- take the whole approach to your healing.
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Herbs and Food that Could Calm an Inflamed Stomach

An inflamed stomach is experiencing a heated process that may be painful, cause swelling, create an overabundance of acid, and more. To support your healing, it requires a cooling and gentle approach. Parsley and dill are known cooling herbs that could help calm an upset stomach. That’s right- when your stomach is in a pickle, eating a pickle may do the trick. Adding parsley and dill to food can help. Chamomile creates a protective coating in your stomach while aiding in balancing gastric juices. If you’re not a tea drinker, make chamomile a quick shot without the alcohol. Steep chamomile tea in four ounces and down it. Oats and banana are two foods that soothe the stomach. Do eat them in small amounts and don’t overwork your stomach. Oats are particularly amazing as they balance your ph stomach acid, grab tummy offenders on the way out, and massage the gut.

Herbs and Food that Could Move the Gut

Food and herbs most definitely can get your gut moving. If you’re not inflamed, go for grapes and apples. Fresh is definitely best. Yet, a no sugar added and closest to the natural fruit in a juice will work in a pinch. Peppermint tea is excellent for gut moving. As it is a warming spice, I do not suggest it for an inflamed gut as it may make it worse by warming it too much. However, peppermint may be the subtle kick your gut needs to remove food and gas build up Fiber rich foods such as wait for it…. oats…. can help. I love the versatility of oats. It can absorb, move, and be whatever you need it to be. You don’t have to eat it as oatmeal. Make muffins, cookies. Whatever you like to get that gut moving.

Feed the Microbiome

Stomach upset can tip the balance in this biome. Welcome back to middle school science. Your stomach and gut is it’s own natural system much like ponds, forest, and other natural habitats. To keep your natural tummy environment optimal keep prebiotics and probiotics in your food relationship. Eat greens and grains, your prebiotics. And yogurt, kefir, and fermented foods for probiotics. Both together work for you and your gut microbiome. Starches are a particularly powerful ally for your gut biome. They can withstand almost any crazy stomach condition while supply nutrition and aiding in your gut microbiome.

For any stomach upset, golden milk may be a simple tool. Golden milk is more than a bougie drink for health nuts. It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory drink for your gut. Actually, you’re entire body. While there are some variation, for your guts sake, stick with ground ginger, turmeric, honey and milk. Milk- from animal or plant based is the low fat vehicle that helps your gut absorb the herbs and honey in the drink. Ginger and turmeric are warming spices but typically on the lower end. With honey, ginger and turmeric work to lower inflammation starting with your stomach and gut.

The Stomach’s Golden Milk

  • 8 ounces of slightly warmed milk
  • 1 tsp turmeric powder
  • 1/2 tsp of ginger powder
  • 2 tsp of honey, preferably raw honey

Stir in turmeric, ginger, and honey into warmed milk. It’s that simple. You can easily google for a variety of golden milk recipes. For an inflamed stomach, you don’t want a drink that is too hot, contains caffeine, pepper, or cayenne. That idea is to drink a warm hug that soothes. Other ingredients could be beneficial when your stomach is in balance, but not when your stomach is screaming at you.

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Your stomach affects the right chemical and hormone products and impacts your immune system. Tackle your healing as the whole person you are. Check out 5 Non food habits you need for your stomach. Often what works to support your immune system, supports your stomach and the other way around. In the same holistic view, feed your stomach supportive thoughts and gentle massages. Whatever you tell your brain and whatever you do for your body- your body is listening. Tell, do, and eat what your body needs to hear.

Support your healing practice.

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