Do This: Detox for the Brain

Health nuts like to talk about detox. A lot. Honestly, I feel like it’s an overused term but it’s most certainly not an overused practice. We need to detox and our bodies are constantly doing it. Sometimes we need to cleanse too. However, let’s be sure to understand the differences between cleanse vs detox. They are not the same thing. The detox process is a gentle process that happens continuously to remove toxins, toxic chemicals, and whatever you no longer need. A detox practice supports and boosts your natural toxin removal process. A cleanse is a sometimes and ‘only when needed’ practice that is stronger and forces toxins and unwanted things from our bodies. To re-emphasis detox is daily and cleanse is only when needed.

So what do we detox?

Certainly toxic chemicals we pick up, breathe in, bath in, and eat. It always best practice to reduce our exposure by keeping our air clean and being conscious of our food and cosmetic/personal care products. Even the most conscious people pick up toxins and need to detox. Toxins in our bodies could cause disease, illness, and over all feeling horrible. Toxins can wreck our bodies.

It’s not just physical. We accept and feed our brains toxic thoughts. Those thoughts become whispering tracks that fuel beliefs about ourselves and our world. Sometimes, those thought tracks are toxic or maybe not even so bad, but not longer serve us. Either way, toxic/negative/degrading thoughts need to be detoxed from our brains.

Detox for the Brain

How do you know?

The first step in knowing when you need a brain detox is becoming aware. We need to be aware of our feelings and the thoughts that pop up surrounding that feeling. If we feel anxious or mad- what are we telling ourselves? It could be shocking on long term toxic thoughts we accepted that just sit on replay over and over again. Listen to your thoughts when feelings pop up- it reveals the supportive thoughts and the toxic ones.

How to Detox the Brain

This next step doesn’t need to be an exhaustive process. You don’t need to force these thoughts out. Detox is a practice that happens all the time. As you move this practice love where you are- when things go right and when things go not so right.

  • Meditate: don’t take it in silence. Walk, listen to music, color, do something with your hands. For those of us who get distracted easily, meditation for the distracted could help. Meditation is not a lofty practice. It’s a time to observe and process our thoughts, emotions, and just be.
  • Disengage periodically with technology: our brains need detox from blue screens and the noise.
  • Engage with yourself: self talk. Publically outloud is fun. Just kidding. Record your thoughts, journal, create art about you. What are your dreams? What bothers you? Favorite things to do? The list is endless.
  • Engage with nature: Nature helps us remove those toxins from our minds and helps in the process. You can have plants, himalayan salt, and listen to nature sounds too. Walk, sit, and bathe in it.
  • Redo Your Tracks: Whatever you remove you need to put what does work for you. Create phrases, post them, repeat them, and rewrite what you think. It takes commitment. You deserve that commitment to yourself.

A personal story, I’ve begun posting everywhere “I am in the practice of healing” after pausing one day and realizing how much I trash my body with negative thoughts over illness. I had to stop, notice my thoughts, honor where I was, and rewrite the thought track. It happens when I look at the mirror, when I have a judgemental thought about someone, or when not so comfortable or down right horrible feelings pop up- its time to detox my brain.

Detox your brain to support healing.

Detox to help you move forward.

Be in the practice of detoxing your mind to make room for better thoughts and beliefs that support the life you want.

Published by JRiley

Certified holistic nutritionist, reiki master, and yogi who hates kale and loves tacos.

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