Eat This: A Foodie Coming to a Loving Place with Her Plate.

I am a girl who loves to eat.  Protein shakes or juices are great for on the fly nutrition or just when I know I can’t eat enough of it. However, I want real food.  Like sink your teeth in and enjoy chewing it. Not a chore on a plate.

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For so long I either mindlessly ate and neglected the attention it deserved or hated food because we didn’t understand each other.  From leechy junk food who hangs around- in undesirable places- to that empty feeling calorie, I struggled.  I felt shamed by what I ate or shamed by taste buds in the name of “health.” My food relationship was anything but what it should be.

After years of the love/hate tango we have finally come to healthy terms. Healthy as in nutrient dense. Healthy as in cut out the bullshit. Healthy as I love to eat and live better. Healthy because I’ve kicked the guilt to the curb. My plate and I have made better arrangements.

Our arrangements go like this:  

I sit to eat and no longer eat on the run.  I was horrible about not taking my time and being distracted.   Mindful eating is essential in our food relationship. It gives time to be thankful, to savor, and know when our time is over for the moment.  When you’re present at the plate, you can cultivate a better relationship with yourself and your food.

I have the right to be choosy in who shows up to dinner, lunch, breakfast, and in between. I can say no and send them packing. Junk food is okay on an occasion, but I’m no longer allowing my food to abuse me.  Protein, fruit, and veggies have an open door policy. Carbs are needed, just the right ones. It’s a whole grain kind of connection with my plate. It’s not a relationship based “health” shakes that literally do nothing for me. Yes, they can bring the nutrients but I’m not satisfied.

I would rather just eat it.

With actual food, herbs and spices provide the excitement in the relationship without the regret. Salt is okay on a short leash. Herbs and spices add so much more than flavor. They are the small punch of nutrients and healing power. Never go feel shy about being spicy, sour, bitter- any taste you like.

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No longer is the misguided goal to be skinny which brings resentment in my diet and to myself.  We agreed on nutrition with flavor to maintain a healthy body and mind, while feeding the soul.  Your soul craves sensory experiences, this including your mouth. Eat joy in colorious colors and favorite flavors. Cantina salsa and dark chocolate are what feeds mine.  Enjoy your food and time at your plate, bowl, fork, spoon, whatever. Love your plate, your food, and most importantly yourself.

Get the tools to keep your food relationship in a healthy place

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Certified holistic nutritionist, reiki master, and yogi who hates kale and loves tacos.

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