Holistic & Wellness Elitism: What You Must Know

Starting off, I love being in the constant practice of holistic healing. This is by no means a caution sign to turn the other way from wellness or holistic practices. However, after years I’ve come to the basis of notjusthealthnuts- there are core truths in wellness practices that are often over shadowed by myths, lies, and, frankly, elitism. This is what you need to know about holistic and wellness practices and elitism.

Holistic & Wellness Elitism

  • You should never feel forced or shamed about not being able to afford/ not want a service, shake, membership, or anything of the sort. EVER.
  • Piggy- back on the above: you should never go into debt or take a financial hit for a “health” practice, subscription, or membership. Ever. NEVER. EVER.
  • If you are told your food relationship must be constrictive (medical advice is an exception) then walk the hell away.
  • Your health is directly correlated to your weight, size, or looks. Or you should look a certain way, size, etc. FUCK THAT SHIT. I said it. It’s not true.
  • There is only one or two ways to exercise. NOPE.
Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

Holistic & Wellness Core Truths

  • You do need to move. How you do is up to you. Walks are free is you’re able. Try something new from YouTube or a new free app. Activity is important. No one type is above another.
  • Wellness is individualized. Like movement, your food relationship is unique to you and your needs. Core nutrients are necessary but just eat the rainbow. Flexible and simple- eating the rainbow gives you what you need. You don’t need complications.
  • Fresh best? Most of the time. It’s not essential. Canned, frozen, and packaged foods can provide nutrients. Read the labels: look for least about of salt, sugar, and preservatives. Aim for wheat, whole grains with breads, pastas, etc. Typically, frozen items are better for fruits and veggies. Don’t let limited resources shame you into thinking you’re less healthy or can’t access wellness. It’s NOT TRUE.
  • Don’t hate your food relationship. There’s an elitist thought that you eat to live. Part truth. Yes, you need to eat to live. You can eat to enjoy and use your sense without guilt too. That’s right, enjoy your food shamelessly.
  • Wellness isn’t a look. It’s an inner state. You’re gorgeous already. Right now. Yes you. Celebrating when you feel better because you made changes for a better you. Love yourself when you like poop. Wellness is when you love where you are.

Listen and eye wellness info cautiously and do your research, this food obsessed girl included. Put me to the test. If we cannot provide sound information and work with individuality- we aren’t up to our stuff. Listen to your gut, you have the best guide right inside you. On the flip side, when you realize a health practice may be wrong for you honor yourself where you were and celebrate your growth in making changes. We are always in practice and practice isn’t always perfect. Join me in breaking down elitist myths and supporting the not just health nuts. This is in open invitation to comment, share this post, and honoring yourself and others in your practice of wellness.

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com


My no kale, taco loving soul honors your soul where ever you are.


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Certified holistic nutritionist, reiki master, and yogi who hates kale and loves tacos.

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