Eat This: Behind the Scenes Thanksgiving Spices

In each bite, these unsung heroes make your Thanksgiving tasty. I’m talking the spicier side of your Thanksgiving- those herbs and spices that make your dishes complete. A second part to our nutritional Thanksgiving series, part one tackles the main players, now we lift up the smaller and often unseen participants.

Herbs and Spices are potent in your Thanksgiving

Onion may make you cry. But cry over this: onions could help your energy levels and hair, nails. Yes it’s a beauty herb with punch. Vitamin B6, biotin, B1 are just a few vitamins in onions. Open your arms wide for vitamin C, folic acid, and vitamin K for immune and brain power. Not surprising as both are in the lily family, garlic does much of the same for you as onions. Plus it has metals. Yes you need some mineral metals in appropriate doses from foods. Garlic has selenium, iron, and copper. You need those.

Sage isn’t just for cleansing those spirits. Sage as an herb is rich in antioxidants. Anti-disease and cancer fighters anyone? Eat your vitamin K, iron, vitamin B6, calcium, and manganese with sage. Parsley has your cartones, extremely important nutrient, and zinc, potassium, calcium, iron, folic acid, vitamin c. Additionally, parsley is excellent for digestion and settling the tummy. So is dill, often found in a deviled egg recipe. These herbs offer the total body package.

Pepper is more than a common spice. Black pepper ignites the digestion process to help you process your foods better. It also has known antibacterial properties and antioxidants. It fights germs and free radicals that can harm your body. This left on the table spice contains potassium, calcium, iron, and magnesium. Excellent for muscles including your gut and heart muscles, and your nervous system. Never underestimate the power of this spice.

What I love the most about herbs and spices and is how little it takes for us to benefit from them. A teaspoon or a tablespoon (fresh) is all that is needed for a serving. Herbs and spices excite our taste buds and our brains with memories and variety. Give thanks to these small but nutritionally powerful players in your meal. And be generous in their use in your food relationship.

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Certified holistic nutritionist, reiki master, and yogi who hates kale and loves tacos.

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