Food Allergy Thanksgiving: Remove the Complications

This year will be markedly different with Thanksgiving. It may be smaller. It may be not. Either way there is more to consider with Thanksgiving gatherings. Food allergies make it hella more complicated. I know. Myself alone, most traditional foods are out. Throw in a couple of kids, it’s meal planning chaos. Nevermind, the cutest redhead pickiest eater ever. But we can lessen the frustration.

Food Allergy Thanksgiving: Your Steps to More a Peaceful Gathering

  1. Plan and research. These do go hand in hand. You need to know what is in the dishes in comparison to your known food allergens. Plus, as much as possible, you benefit from know what’s at the table. Know thanksgiving foods with allergies.
  2. Have a plan in place. This food gathering plan helps those with food allergies and for those who dine with foodies with allergies. We cannot always anticipate everything; however, when we get into a habit of being proactive- it relieves a lot of stress.
  3. Consider cross-contamination. Even if a food doesn’t have your food allergen, be weary of preparation when you have a severe allergy. Loving hands that made that pecan pie with nuts and glutenous flour- may carry over to other foods. If you have severe allergies, educate others on why your food needs to be prepared separately. Extend an olive branch of a dishes friendly for you and others.
  4. Food bullying is real thing. Be honest on why your food relationship has to be the way it is. Explain your survival depends on it and not an indication on anyone’s cooking ability. It’s not a preference, it’s a necessity. It’s a tricky balance between peace and standing up for yourself. Trust your gut.
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Bring your Thanksgiving into balance. Be proactive with a plan. Communicate what you need. Get involved in the food contribute to empower you and include others. Be grateful for you and yes, even your food allergens.

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