5 Non Food Habits You Need to Reduce Autoimmune Responses

Holistic health has a mystique and myth surround it. Energy healers with yoga mats might come to mind. Not everyone is dedicated yogi or have a worn out meditation bolster; however, one thing most holistic health practitioners have in common is the understanding of whole and health. We understand how symptoms are more than just genetics and calorie counts. It is the understand of how the bodymind is intricately connected and impact each other. Allergy responses and autoimmune responses are connected to your mind. What you think is connected to your body. Your non food habits can be boost positively or contribute damage to whatever autoimmune response you’re dealing with. Take these non food habits to heart when you’re addressing your autoimmune responses. You’re not a series of gears or genetic switches, they’re just a piece of your total puzzle.

Reduce Autoimmune Response with these Non Food Habits

  1. Lower toxic chemical exposure
    • You want chemicals like clean water, your blood, and clean air. Toxic chemicals increase immune responses and do possible damage through out your body.
  2. Do more than cope with everyday stress
    • Every day stress and conflict will happen in life. Allowing stress, frustration, anger, worry to stay greatly impacts your immune system.
  3. Get physical
    • Any type of movement will boost your immune system. Physical activity increases blood flood and promotes drainage in your lymphatic system.
  4. Drop the guilt
    • Shame over how you need to eat, live, and make adjusts has not room in your life. Don’t apologize. State what you need and work with those around you.
  5. Create and build community
    • Any type of autoimmune disorder, food allergy, or chronic disease can be isolating. Educate others and find a community to support you. Finding those with similar issues can be uplifting. Do t stop their. Invite willing partnerships with friends and family on your journey. You don’t know if they will walk with you until you ask.

Published by JRiley

Certified holistic nutritionist, reiki master, and yogi who hates kale and loves tacos.

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