Food Allergy Causing Your Dog to Itch?

Taking a break from humans. Our dog fits perfectly in our life. Hyper AF. Loves the outdoors. Has anxiety. AND a foodie with allergy. I mean this dog loves to eat. This is our Archie. After rounds of dog food taste tests and sleepless nights, I tackled his nutritional needs like anyone else. Who’s the culprit? What’s safe to eat? How to I made this easy on myself?

One of his many favorite outdoor activities. Archie loves his swims.

We do regularly consult with our vet and we encourage you do to the same with your fur baby. She suggested excellent low cost natural supplements that have helped with the itch. Plus, he takes an allergy medication daily. Archie does take a CBD dose daily that help his anxiety and balance out his chemicals along with pet CBD balm. Talk with a CBD expert first. It makes all the difference for your peace of mind and your dog’s safety. There is limited herbal remedies I would recommend for dogs that are ingested. Their stomachs a sensitive and herbs are potent. Never underestimate the power of plants, teas, spices, or herbs with pets.

Itchy skin is not the only sign of a food allergy or sensitivity in a dog. Upset stomach, hives, constant licking, ear infections are just a few others. These could be signs of other conditions, check with your vet first.

Itchy dog? Try removing these common food allergies.

There isn’t a magic eight ball on which food or removing foods. When you, do so slowly. Dogs stomach’s are sensitive and change to food quickly can cause stomach upset.

Common Food Allergies/Sensitivities for Dogs

  • Wheat/Grains
  • Corn
  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • fish
  • Soy
  • Dairy
  • SO MUCH MORE. The range is broad for food allergies in dogs.

The start of this process is removing suspected foods for a couple of weeks. You can stop there or slowly add one possible food trigger every other week. Possibly, longer in between to keep from upsetting your dogs stomach.

Now the question is what do you feed them? Check that out next week. I share my streamlined nutritionally rich but “I’m not spending forever on this” food recipes for my foodie with allergy.


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