Can Environmental Allergies Cause Stomach Problems?

The long and short of it is- yes. Environmental Allergies can cause stomach problems. Typically allergies are seen as sneezing and coughing. Food allergies and bee stings are associated with anaophylaxis. The truth is allergies are a specific autoimmune response and there isn’t a set rule on reactions and what can cause them.

How Does Environmental Allergies Cause Stomach Problems?

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One. When you’re reacting, you stomach could be triggered. Maybe it’s the overflow of mucus. Disgusting for some. Reality for the rest of us. Mucus production is meant to protect; however, too much mucus can be unsettling in digestion. Your stomach produces its own protective mucus. If you are reacting, you might react in the stomach too. Again, no hard and fast rules. You can react in many places in the body.

Two. Stress. When the environment triggers your allergies, it triggers stress response. Stress can upset the stomach.

Three. Medications and antihistamines. Medications necessary to treat or control allergies may change your biological chemicals thus throw off your stomach.

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Bolster your immune system to help lower the intensity of reactions. Lower your stress with ten simple ideas to help your immune system. One of the things I personally struggle with is knowing when to hit the reset button, especially during a reaction. Do care for yourself and honor yourself when it needs rest. Recovery time is necessary.


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