Eat This: Whole Grains

Carb free is the true dirty word in our house. You, me, we need to eat carbs. The issue we run into with health (f*%# diet) is when carbs are processed and refined.

Hear this!

Carbs are not bad. Carbs tampered with are bad.

Eat this: Whole Grains

We need to eat eat whole grains.

This is what whole grains is NOT:

  • must be gluten free
  • bleached
  • enriched
  • toxic chemical additives
  • added sugars

Whole grains can be gluten free, but it’s not a requirement to be healthy or eating whole grains. Grains you need are unbleached wheat, oats, millet, barley, brown rice, rice, quinoa. This is your starter pack. Most foods that are not in their “original” package and have something added to them (additives) when made into a food you recognized. The difference is what is added necessary and non toxic? Or a cheap gimmick?

Why Whole Grains?

  • complex to ensure lasting energy
  • gut workout- exercise gut muscles
  • feed microbiome
  • hormone regulation. Yeah, Karen is bitchy cause she doesn’t eat carbs.
  • helps towards satisfied “full” feeling*
  • nutrition in carbs : iron, fiber, manganese to name drop a few.
  • versatile in options for most allergies or chronic conditions.

*full gut feeling is dependent on a few factors: stress, other nutritional deficiencies, sugar addition, out of balance hormones, etc.

Eat your carbs. Just not the bad ones. Check in later this week while I tell why you should eat some fries. Better yet, subscribe to vegetarian email and let me come to you.


Published by JRiley

Certified holistic nutritionist, reiki master, and yogi who hates kale and loves tacos.

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