Remove Environmental Triggers for Food Allergies

Allergies are often boxed into categories: food allergies go with food, environmental allergies go with outside and inside. The truth is- allergies are autoimmune responses that are not exclusive to a particular area. They cross over and impact each other- whether or not you have an environmental allergy or food allergy.

Environmental triggers can be impacted by food if your have a grass allergy- wheat grass, wheat, corn, and sugar. It doesn’t mean your autoimmune response will to be to all these plants- it means it could crossover. Have a ragweed allergy? Watch out for chamomile. Very close cousins. Other ragweed relations: bananas, cantaloupe, cucumber, honeydew, and more. It’s important to look at all your environments and possible autoimmune triggers.

Allergies are not mutually exclusive.

Removing environmental triggers

  • Remove cleaners, cosmetics, personal care items with toxic chemicals. Not all chemicals are bad, i.e your blood or water, and not all man made chemicals are toxic either. Do not get caught up in the hype. EWG does an outstanding job with their database and the most comprehensive list of what to avoid can be found on their website. These tend to be the most common toxic chemicals: phthalates, ammonia, sodium hypochlorite (bleach), and dimethyl ammonium chloride. It doesn’t help you clean or remove germs if it uses toxins that attack your immune system. At the very least it suppresses your immune system. It could directly attack and created more autoimmune responses (make allergies worse by making more).
  • Natural options are great but… if you have plant allergies then many natural cleaners have cousins. Get to know the whole family and what to look out for on the label. Example, sage is in the ragweed family. Amazing herb that kills germs. It won’t be found in my house as I do react to it. Instead I look for lemon grass or other natural viral and bacterial fighters.
  • Beware of hidden allergies and read labels carefully. Wheat is a common filler!
  • Boost your immune system. You can eat to help your immune system and there are lifestyle practices you need to support your immune system.

Allergies and autoimmune response can either be support or trigger depending on your food relationship, lifestyle, and environmental interactions. Read labels, get to know the relations of your allergies, and boost your immune system. I personally know how oops can happen; however, these practices have helped prevent incidents for me and many of our allergie triggered family- including the dog! Follow one or more of my Pinterest boards for recipe ideas, holistic health, and one snarky nutritionist.


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