Do I Have to Eat A Salad to Be Healthy?


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This is not the epitome of healthy.

It’s a tool that has taken an elite status.

It’s time to take it down.

Why you shouldn’t eat a salad

  • Raw veggies are potentially harmful for those with digestive issues or moments when digestion is not optimal. Cooked foods may be digested better than raw foods.
  • Certain foods cooked are digested better. Cooking cruciferious vegetables reduces the thyroid inhibitors and sulforaphane which can negatively impact your body.
  • Salads are cooling. This is wonderful when the weather is hot or you have a fiery personality. Cooking foods can be grounding and calming, especially when dealing with fiery emotions, situations, or have an inflamed gut.
  • Often in restaurants they are the most unhealthy thing you can eat. Dressings and additives crank up the chemicals, salt, sugar, fats, and more. You’re eating a chemical fire storm.

Salads are not entirely bad

  • In hot weather, eating salads can help maintain body temperature and certain foods can help hydrate.
  • They require minimal prep time.
  • Possibly lots of vegetables in one meal.

You do not have to eat salads to eat healthy. Cooked foods are just as nutritional as raw. What makes foods unhealthy and damaging is additives, added sugars and salts, and too much fats. Don’t let an elitist idea like salads or superfoods fool you into thinking healthy is only one way.


Published by JRiley

Certified holistic nutritionist, reiki master, and yogi who hates kale and loves tacos.

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