Reducing Back to School Anxiety

Back to school brings lots of emotions. Often at once. This past week we have swung from sheer terror (learning at home) to excitement to fear. That was just me. I haven’t been in the classroom in years and this would not be a time I would go running. Respect doesn’t even cover it for educators. Neither does the frustration. Either way we had to get our back to school anxiety down and bring our emotions into balance. Emotions are not bad but we cannot allow stress to stay in a constant state to create allostatic load. This is for parents, children, and educators alike.

Reduce Your Back to School Anxiety

Stay at home while working, schooling, and living is rough. For everyone.
  1. Simplify. Write down what absolutely has to be done and then nothing else matters.
  2. Build in creative and quiet time. This is on the absolutely has to be done list. 30 minutes a day at least. Unplugged.
  3. Prep for the next day. Food, clothes, supplies. This few minute investment will help your flow the next day. This works for at home learning and physically in school learning.
  4. Invest in your senses. Bouncy balls are a staple for adults and kids in this house- before, during, and afterschool. Seek warm fuzzies to feed your nerves and brain.
  5. Keep your immune system healthy. As you boost your immune system with food or either wise, you help your entire well-being.
  6. Supplement. Consider child friendly products to reduce anxiety like lemon balm or CBD. If you question whether or not it’s for children, read this article from 502 Hemp. Our littlest red had THC free CBD lollipops as part of his stress reduction. I also use them for my child with sensory processing disorder before a potential triggering situation.
  7. Breathing or EFT tapping. Another one of my favs that works at any age. Breathing apps like Calm make it easy. The Tapping Solution is my go to when anxiety triggers.
  8. Get perspective. Sugar coating is not my thing; however, what you say impacts your mental and physical health. Your body literally hears you. Be honest with your emotions and situations, but don’t let them continue to impact you. Mantra statements like “I am safe” and “I am enough” seam simple. Don’t underestimate them, words are powerful.

No company paid me to try a product or share in this post. This is genuinely in our anxiety tool box. Reducing back to school anxiety won’t be perfect. You can create it and mold it to what works and what you need it to be.


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Certified holistic nutritionist, reiki master, and yogi who hates kale and loves tacos.

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