Boost Your Immune System with Food

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Feeling sick? Don’t want to get sick? Grab your Vitamin… wait. Stop before you grab the OJ and get a reality dose. You can boost your immune system with your food life, but vitamin C isn’t everything.

5 Ways to Boost Your

Immune System with Food

  1. Do eat foods with vitamin C. Berries, greens, and citrus fruits are excellent sources of vitamin C. Blueberries and dark greens especially. Orange juice, put is back on the shelf. It’s incredibly acidic which can cause gut microbiome damage. Plus its concentrated sugar. Mind blown? When I dug into food science, mine was too.
  2. Prebiotics and probiotics you need. This daily food relationship tango can vary as long as both of these forms show up. Prebiotic is easy- fruits and vegetables. Probiotics means fermented- kimchi, kombucha, yogurt, kefir- just pick one. No need to be complicated.
  3. Absorb your vitamin D. This is a tricky one. You can eat it as broken down by foods on The sun and you are besties. UVB from sunlight uses your cholesterol to create vitamin D. No one is sure exactly how much sun exposure you need. Generally, thirty minutes a day. Do take caution with high UV exposure and use sunscreen. There is a debate on using sunscreen or not. Ultimately, it’s your decision. At least put sunscreen on after thirty minutes in the sun.
  4. Water for a gentle flush of toxins. You pick up so much daily and unintentionally toxins make their way in. Staying hydrated helps remove toxins through your liver and kidneys. Less toxins helps your immune system have less to fight.
  5. Eat your starches. Starches are tough SOBs that make it to your large intestine in all its fermented glory and feeds what your gut microbiome needs. Happy gut means regulated serotonin levels, less stress hormones, and a more balanced body. Your immune system isn’t going to be overwhelmed and able to fight what it needs to better.
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When dealing with food allergies and a compromise immune system, this can still help improve your fight against infections, germs, and viruses. Make your mantra “I’m not a robot and I have the power to boost my immune system.” On the flip side of your food relationship, there are non food practices you can adopt to improve your immune system.

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