UnSuperfoods: A Less Restrictive Guideline

Super foods is a super marketing ploy for businesses and organizations to establish nutritional authority. Which super food list is the truth? None of them. All of them. The point is you have flexibility while meeting what your body needs. All of the superfood list contain all if not some of these groups.

What about protein?

Most greens and cruciferious vegetables contain the protein you need. Beans and legumes are helpful too. Animal products rarely contain more nutrition than plants, thus barely any made this list. Meats may contain protein but also high in saturated fats and salt. My suggestion that if you are a meat-eater- palm size two meals a day. A shocker for some of you. While I’m busting dairy and meatalicious dreams, dairy isn’t the best source for calcium either. Most greens and starches are. Your body absorbs them better.

What about food allergies or gut issues?

Fruits tend to be highly acidic which can aggravate the gut. Bananas generally are safe. Cooked fruits in whole grains or starches could help tolerance. Do listen to your body, especially with food allergies. Rice can be substituted for wheat. Seeds can be eaten instead of nuts. If raw versions of any food is problematic, light cooking or steaming is just fine. Raw food isn’t always better.

Switch it up. By day, week, or season. Be flexible in your food relationship.


Published by JRiley

Certified holistic nutritionist, reiki master, and yogi who hates kale and loves tacos.

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