Is Comfort Food Unhealthy?

Comfort Foods

Depends on who you ask. Most dieticians, nutritionists, and A-Shake-a-Day-Karen would say no. But is it true? Should we be ashamed when we seek comfort food because of its health factor?!

Is Comfort Food Unhealthy?

Yes and No.


Well placed comfort is NOT unhealthy. Often comfort food comes with relished memories and those memories should be celebrated. Comfort food literally feeds sensory needs and often we are instinctually seeking that sensory input. Comfort food tends to be a shared experience or can become one. The more welcomed people eating with you the better.


The danger in comfort food is the why. Emotional eating is indicative of a deeper problem. A little sadness isn’t problematic, but deep grief, stress, frustration is not a reason to seek comfort in food. It’s unhealthy. Recognizing when you’re emotionally eating is a victory. The next step is utilizing tools to better heal emotions and change habits. Consistent eating of processed, high sugar, refined, and high fat foods for comfort is seriously unhealthy. A splurge day every once and awhile is okay, but eating it often increases your risk for a variety of diseases.

Feed your senses and memories. Within reason. Be wary of why you’re eating comfort food and what it is. Food relationships need to be enjoyable while sustaining you.

Comfort food can be healthy.


Holistic Health Practitioner

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Certified holistic nutritionist, reiki master, and yogi who hates kale and loves tacos.

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