What Does It Mean to Eat to Live?

Eat to Live Tips

There is a legitimate nutritional program named Eat to Live; yet, most often when this term is used it holds various meanings. Personally, “eat to live” is complex. I want to eat to live. Eating to heal and live better. Eating to live and do more. Sometimes, I live to eat. I am a foodie after all. Eat to live can be a judgemental statement or a revealing of guilt statement. Are we eating to live make food bad? or eating bad? Are we ignoring our relationship with food?

What Does it Mean to Eat to Live?

Eating to live means your food relationship is nutrient dense and enhances your quality of life. It is NOT saying food is bad or eating is bad. There are some food relationship complications that we do need to deal with and understand.

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The Guilt Factor

You are in a relationship with food! We should not feel guilty eating or enjoying eating. You should enjoy your food and love the plate time you have. Do set boundaries with toxic food relationships. Refine sugars, high fats, processed foods need to be limited or eliminated for the optimal food relationship. Doritos once a month? Sure. Not daily.


The beliefs about your food relationship is the energy you put in your meal and your body. It literally changes your chemical processing. Demonstrate gratitude when you have food and when you are someone else cooks your meal. Yes thank yourself! It doesn’t matter to you, say thank you.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

Eating to live isn’t about food being bad.

Eating to live is recognizing that your food relationship can heal or destroy you.

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