Is Food Really Medicine?

” Let medicine be thy food and let food be thy medicine”

Hippocrates (allegedly)

There is truth and there is stretched truth.

Is Food Really Medicine?


What you eat affects your body. Food as medicine is a preventative health care investment. Food can be a prescription to specifically address and promote healing. Heart healthy diet? Food as medicine. Diabetes diet? Food as medicine. Plant based? Effective food as medicine for many. On the flip side, when damaging foods are part of the relationship, they can contribute to disease and overall ill health.

Foods can heal or destroy you.

Stretched truth.

“Food as medicine” that has meaning of eating certain healthy foods or that only eating super foods will make your problems will away is the stretched truth. Food as medicine is part of holistic medicine. Holistic medicine for your health includes: Hygiene. Exercise. Proper sleep. Stress. Relationships. Boundaries. Food relationship is part of the healing process.

Missing Truth.

What you believe and how you relate to your food affects how you process food and contributes to your mental health. Beliefs like: guilt, hate, disdain, elitist. Yes, elitist- your food relationship is better than anyone else. All of these affect food choices and digestion. Negative beliefs or thoughts induce stress. Stress impacts many biological processes, including digestion. Loving yourself in each stage of your food relationship is part of food as medicine.

  • Be thankful when you have food.
  • Have grace when you don’t make the best choices.
  • Find power in making small changes.

Ignore the assholes who say you can only eat raw, salads, or juice/shakes to be healthy or this is food as medicine. It’s just bull shit. You can eat healthy doing these things and you can eat healthy in a variety of other ways. You can eat healthy with frozen veggies. You can eat healthy and hate salads.

How to Eat Food as Medicine Overall

  • balanced vegetables
  • discovering food sensitivities
  • more whole grain fiber
  • less boxed or premade foods
  • more herbs and spices
  • less salt
  • loving where you are in your food relationship
  • be thankful
  • donate foods
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Food as medicine is the entire relationship you have with your plate. This includes what you believe about yourself and your food relationship. Food donations when you can certainly helps. That’s positive energy for others and yourself. Food as medicine goes with self care, mind care, and appropriate physical activity.

Food relationships are a part to holistic health care.


Holistic Health Practitioner

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Certified holistic nutritionist, reiki master, and yogi who hates kale and loves tacos.

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