How to Eat Healthy with Canned Food

Holistic nutrition will beat it into your head, “Fresh is best. Fresh is best. Fresh is best.” They’re not wrong. But… they’re not right either. What if fresh produce isn’t an option or not in the budget? You CAN eat healthy with canned and frozen foods!! It’s more than spaghetti. This is the start of some quick meal ideas with recipes in the coming future.

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How to Eat Healthy with Packaged Foods.

  • Make sure any cans are BPA free whenever possible
  • Do not store canned foods in cans once opened
  • Aim for organic or non-gmo when possible
  • Get as close to the natural plant as possible. No added sauces or stuff, except spices.

Healthy Meal Ideas

  • Quick Stir Fry
    • 90 minute Jasmine rice or Brown rice packets with frozen stir fry vegetables
  • Quick Italian Sauce
    • Tomato sauce with cooked zucchini and mushrooms (fresh item alert!) over potato gnocchi or whole grain pasta
  • Simple Meat and Potatoes
    • Frozen sweet potato cooked with light butter added and cooked green beans in garlic and oregano. Can add fish or lean meat.
  • Sweet Potato Hash
    • Frozen sweet potatoes lightly fried in olive oil or baked with frozen (thaw first!) peppers and onions. Can add eggs or lean sausage.
  • Add frozen broccoli or lima beans cooked with any boxed pasta side.
  • Pizza Soup
    • Tomato soup with parmesan cheese and turkey pepperoni. Add frozen onions and peppers cooked, mushrooms, or ham.
  • Substitute meat for cooked mushrooms or cooked peas in any boxed meal.
  • Frozen broccoli and cauliflower cooked with alfredo sauce or pesto sauce.
  • Cooked portobellos (fresh food alert!) on a bun with sweet potato fries
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Yes, fresh produce is better in many cases. However, it’s not impossible to eat healthy with with certain packaged foods. Stay tuned and subscribe for recipes canned, frozen, fresh, and all in between. As I cook during “stay at home” and not lose my mind, I will be posting meals during the weeks on my Facebook and Instagram.


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