Health Foodie: Vegan Hacks are Not Just For Vegans

Vegan substitutes, exchanges, and creative food relationship experiences may be the hack you need in your food allergy reality

While there is respect and love for the philosophy and beliefs, “vegan” was a food life I stumbled into as our allergies began to pile.  Food allergies are terrifying with ranges of stomach ache, mucus build up,  rashes, and anaphylaxis (you have trouble or stop breathing).  As I have spent almost a decade continuously scouring food labels, ideas, and stalking websites- this is where I found choosing vegan just made our lives easier.  Especially in the egg department.  Or when milk and casein were dirty words follow by break outs and tummy aches.  No animal products for vegans means no eggs, no milk, no meat protein (that is an allergy).  I will warn the nuts of the food allergy family.  It doesn’t mean nut allergies are covered so pay close attention with food packaging.  Baking is a particular fiend and particular substitutes work for different things.  

*Not all of the listed hacks comes from the vegan lifestyle.    

Published by JRiley

Certified holistic nutritionist, reiki master, and yogi who hates kale and loves tacos.

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