Be back next week

Be back next week

This week slammed in to me hard… know that feeling? Working on my own advice in the challenges and excitement. We are preparing for a move, making career moves, and every day stuff.

In this it’s so easy to slip back into old habits. Clingy to what I know works is my best defense. Upping my protein for better brain boost while focusing on what sleep I can get. Slowing it down and prioritizing. Making sure veggies are not neglected in our relationship. I need a CBD boost.

Health professionals struggle. The effort to make the changes are worth it and have become natural. It’s not a permanent every day. Stress hits hard. Good or bad.

Slow down and breathe

Sleep and relax

Watch what you eat

A comfort meal or two isn’t a bad idea. They can be healthy too

Ask a friend or loved one to hold space for you

These are the basics we all need and this girl is back to basics.

Namaste and love the basics


Be back with more next week. Hitting the digital books! New certifications!


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