A Bowl of WTH: Your Third Arm Should be a Water Bottle

A Bowl of WTH: Your Third Arm Should be a Water Bottle

This in the top five of most important universal habits anyone and everyone needs to have. Hydration. You need to have enough fluids, be loosing fluids, and replacing fluids. Like, you should pee. A LOT. As far as what fluids and how much, a previous post address this (please see link below). The answer here is why. Why do health professionals and health fanatics promote continuous drinking of water. You need it.

Hydration is for maintenance and healing.

Water or foods containing water aid in the maintenance of our bodily functions. Water is part of your blood in volume which helps with blood pressure, body temperature control, and circulating oxygen through out your body. Dehydration raises blood pressure, can push a persons body temp to extreme hot or cold. It also decreases the ability for oxygen to get where it needs. This affects your brain and its daily run. Lack of fluids in mental health can affect focus, behavior, headaches, and more. Your skin from head to toe are less likely to become dry with appropriate amounts of fluids. Water also flushes out toxins you ingest through your mouth and skin. Your kidney, liver, and gut need to remove what you don’t need or is harmful. This is a way to promote healing and fight disease. Additionally, not enough fluids affect your intestines ability to flush out waste which may be a factor for constipation. Love your water bottle and bathroom relationship. Frequent bathroom use is a good thing as long as your bladder empties fully and a couple hours or so apart. If you are concerned, see a doctor. Being hydrated is integral to the literal running and ability to maintain healthy function of your body, head to toe. This is the why you see pics of gallon jugs and water bottles from health nuts and wellness gurus.

I cannot stress how important taking in enough water is for every person. However, while difficult to achieve, it is possible to take on too much water. Too much water dilutes the salt your body does need. All kinds of bad things can happen. Please stay within the recommended health guidelines (link below) and replace as needed for extra activity and heat. Take this incredibly important why and adopt a water bottle as a third arm. I call mine my security blanket. You can name it whatever you want or not. We need to maintain our hydration.

That’s me! Be hydrated and Be well my friends. Namaste

Link for water guidelines explained and alternate ways to obtain fluid: https://notjusthealthnuts.com/2018/07/02/the-fluidity-in-your-food-life/


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