Health Foodie Getting Her Hair Back

Health Foodie Getting Her Hair Back

A few years ago after giving birth to my son, I had some life altering changes. I had two kids and not just one. Back issues. A dramatic gall bladder removal. Less hair. Did I mention more kids? The hair changes started before having my son, but it was crazy hair loss after his arrival. He was worth it. I could take the high road and tell you hair doesn’t matter. That I realized my inner beauty counted most (it does, but lets be realistic). We could be petty and mourn over the loss. It’s vain and there are a lot more things in my life to be grateful for.

Let’s do both. Take the high road and cry about it.

Now that’s done. It’s not going down without a fight. Two years ago I made changes to my diet and noticed stronger hair. It even started curling again. Then I dove into holistic hair solutions- from DIY hair products to supplements to “what am I eating?” that works. I also learned one of my health issues was a contributor to hair loss. As I made changes, so did my family. My step daughter and I conquered frizzy hair. Coarse hair texture and tangles had a battle plan. My husband is doing that man-bun thing. I am such a good wife I made his own hair stimulating hair spray. This is my advice and it come WITH A DISCLAIMER: hair issues have many reasons for happening and there are no 100% guarantees. No miracles, but stuff that is incredible for you to try. It did wonders for me and my family. My soul recognizes your soul’s search for improved care routine. Self care is an important part of living and boosting self value. It is a signal we give our mind each day that we have a purpose. Hair routine is a part of self care.

Let’s Get To The Root First

Health issues could be at the root of your issue. Apparently, low iron levels can cause hair loss. Low iron means less oxygen. Less oxygen means your body picks and chooses what is necessary. Sometimes hair doesn’t make the list of necessary. Prolong stress can cause patches of hair to pack up and leave. Being nutrition deficient is a jumping off point for hair. There is a long list of “could be” and why. Have a chat with a medical professional. Getting my iron levels and nutrition up to speed helped tremendously with everything, hair included.

What You Put in Your Body Matters. Lets make this simple. These are supplements that help with hair growth and strengthening. These are foods you can eat to help with hair growth and strengthening. On top of these two, drink plenty of water. Dehydration is never a good thing.


Lets make this simple. There are two definite supplements you need to take and two possible supplements that can help. These can be bought OTC or online. Omega 3s reduce inflammation and help with blood circulation. This makes a healthy scalp thus encourages healthier, stronger hair growth. Biotin is a B complex and taking a B complex is beneficial on multiple levels: nerve health, metabolism, and hair/nails. You can buy Biotin separately to help with hair growth, but warning first. You stop taking it, it stops working. Unless, you are truly deficient, stick with eating biotin rich foods (below) and take a B complex. You get Biotin and all the other Vitamin B benefits. Vitamin C deficiency can be a cause to dry or brittle hair. Take a Vitamin C for additional hair nutrition and an immunity boost.

It’s All About the Food

What you eat benefits your whole body, hair included. Hair is largely made of protein, that means feed it protein. Inflammation in the body can damage or stunt healthy hair- biotin, omegas, and antioxidants combat that. Plus side to eating for your hair is healthier skin and body too. For your convenience: the top lean protein rich, biotin rich, omega rich, and antioxidant rich foods are listed. And there’s a lot of cross-over foods. Multi-benefit food relationships are the best 💓.

Your Product DIY and Guide

NO alcohol in products or no washing with them. Seriously, reduce or eliminate. Alcohol dries and can over dry hair causing pH balance problems. Even with oily hair or skin, it will over dry and cause your skin/hair to produce even more oil. If you have dry hair, alcohol makes for drier hair. I learned this the hard way. To keep strength and condition these are three simple ways to do it:

Whatever issues you have with your hair, start from the inside out and take of yourself. Then do more for you – subscribe to notjusthealthnuts for future posts on practical wellness.


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