Crossing the Line: Engage Your Brain

Crossing the Line: Engage Your Brain

Some years ago while in education I was educated about “crossing the mid line.”  This was the growing brain science to add to our classroom tool box so to speak.  The logic is to use intentional movements to build multiple brain path ways and reinforce balance in a child’s cognitive or motor development.  A couple of years ago, while in a parent meeting concerning my child I mentioned our use of “crossing the mid line.”  They looked at me like I spoke another language.  In doubt I began a search.  Was I crazy? There is a study of a small and restricted population looking at a correlation of learning disorders and mobility issues including crossing the mid line.  The Lancet  published an article looking at disorders in crossing the mid line.   Stanford directly answered the question about mid line but the answer I find incomplete based on the previous two findings and the article just addressing one company’s claims.   A simple Google search and my own experience is that there is something to this.  If you search for “crossing the mid line” especially with therapy, you will find a large number of educated professionals advocating for the use of these types of movements.  My own success with myself and my children affirm the need to cross the line.  Then they like to cross the line in other ways.

girl-kids-training-school-159782.jpegSo, what is a mid line?   The mid line is a imaginary line from top to bottom that divides your body in half.  To cross the mid line, one moves or twist a body part from one side to the other.   Left to right, right to left. Crossing the mid line, for most, is naturally developed in motion and brain engagement.   You do it every day in simple motions as using your pencil from one side of the paper to the other.

It’s not just for kids.

A loose theory is that the  biggest impact is felt in childhood when crossing the mid line is practiced more; however, adult can find immense benefit too.  Feel like you’re clumsy? Cross the mid line more.  Difficulty concentrating? Mid line, cross it.   These intentional movements are an excellent way to boost anyone’s brain power and movement function.  I have ADHD and this is definitely in my arsenal.  My daughter is in speech therapy, part of her time is Integrative Music Therapy.  This type of therapy uses specific motions, including cross the mid line with specific sound pulses to develop her brain.  The results have been incredible.  Do take note, crossing the mid line is a part to a whole.  Best brain/mind care involves purposeful activities like this plus cardio.  It is also part to a complete nutritional diet, correct sleep, and more.   It does take time and consistency to gain its full effects as well.  Keep this is mind when adding “crossing the mid line” to your tool box.  It’s something that everyone could benefit from, especially you.

Ways to Cross the Mid Line


Yoga is my practice and growing training; this is where I gain the benefits the most.  Check out my Pinterest Yoga Board for a variety of visuals for poses among other things.


  • Revolved Anything!! It’s simple, any asana/pose you twist in:
    • Revolved chair
    • Revolved side angle
    • Revolved triangle
    • Revolved wide stance forward bend
    • Half lord of the fishes
    • Standing hand to toe with twist variation
    • Seated spinal twist
    • Supine twist
    • Cow face pose
    • Eagle pose
  • Most of these are great for kids too!

Revolved or twisted poses in yoga detox your digestive system.  An improved digestive system boosts your brain  and increases optimal physical body function.  This on top of crossing the mid line makes it a rather potent yoga practice.



  • Baseball, softball, ping pong, tennis, dance, etc.  Lots of sports cross the mid line; however, these sports specifically utilize crossing the mid line.

Go vertical

  • Wall art, easel, dry erase boardquote-chalk-think-words.jpg

A part of my ghost child’s spelling routine is always writing her words on a dry erase board at least a few times.  It makes a HUMONGOUS difference. To those people in that meeting, I am not THAT kind of crazy.  Crossing the mid line works!  Utilizing our easel is always in encouraged.  In the past, I had students put their writing on a dry erase boards then correct their work.  Some times proof reading is a pain and this change made it easier for them and me.   I am toying with the idea of adding a large dry erase board to our study area for me.  I figured it would look more polished than nailing paper to the wall.

It’s simple.   The key is move one side of your body to the opposite side.  These activities are multi beneficial.  Yoga as a practice develops discipline and calms your mind while you are engaging it.  Sports are oxygen flow boosting and a social cooperative as they are benefits in coordination.   Drawing, writing vertically does more than improve brain function, its a new perspective and fine motor skills.  Be intent with your all your actions and cross the line.


Namaste and twist


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