When You’re Raising a Health Foodie

When You’re Raising a Health Foodie

Ghost child makes her lunches pretty much every day. I LOVE how she thinks healthy and presentation! Fresh fruit and a tuna/light mayo/lettuce wrap with herbs. She took food lessons to heart with polished flair. I’m a proud mama.

Health Foodie Chucking the Burger for a Veggie (and liked it….)

Health Foodie Chucking the Burger for a Veggie (and liked it….)


Like most people,  I love a great burger.  I am rather picky about this comfort food because I hate grease.  It’s a texture thing.  Generally, I opt for ground turkey or bison or an occasional frozen veggie burger.   In a veggie burger craving moment this past week,  I wanted fresh and relatively effortless.   I pulled it off! A vegetarian comfort meal with tons of nutrition to fuel and taste to savor.   I chose an egg plant switch out because they do not have a strong flavor, are cost effective (bought one for a dollar), and come packed with vitamins.  They are great for three B vitamins (nerve health! metabolism booster!) and potassium (muscle/heart muscle health!).  I am a potato loving girl but had sweet potatoes lying around.  Sweet potatoes are incredibly versatile and make delicious chips.  Side done. They are great for eye, bone, nerve health plus metabolism boosting vitamins.

By the time it take you sit down and order a burger, you could make this deliciousness.

Ingredients & Prep

  • Egg plant sliced no more than 1/2 inch thick
  • Bun of choice- me GF bun
  • 2 Sweet potatoes thinly sliced
  • Cooking oil of choice ( I prefer Olive oil but canola or avocado oil works too)
  • Gluten Free Hack GF breading: eggs, milk, white rice flour, bread crumbs, oil


  1.  Step one is easy as a pin and doesn’t have to be gluten free. You can substitute the bread crumbs for any bread crumbs or panko.  White rice flour can be switch for all purpose flour.  This step can be taken further to make extra egg plant patties for a second dinner.  Throw some pasta sauce and mozzarella cheese on them with thirty minute oven time at 350 – egg plant parmesan.

Gluten free freading

2.  Step two is making sweet potato chips.  I would start making the chips before burgers as they take a while in the oven.  Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.  Then drizzle oil on a sheet pan and lay out sliced sweet potatoes.  Depending  on how crispy you like your chips, bake in the oven for 30- 45 minutes.

The best part of this meal is it’s kid and husband approved.  No one complained it was meatless.  It satisfied our cravings and hunger.  Plus, for the effort of one meal, you get two excellent meals.   If you want more future healthfoodie ideas, subscribe to this blog as we chase cravings with healthy twists.  Invest in your body and mind with nutrition then feed comfort to your soul.

Namaste and nourish wellness


Crossing the Line: Engage Your Brain

Crossing the Line: Engage Your Brain

Some years ago while in education I was educated about “crossing the mid line.”  This was the growing brain science to add to our classroom tool box so to speak.  The logic is to use intentional movements to build multiple brain path ways and reinforce balance in a child’s cognitive or motor development.  A couple of years ago, while in a parent meeting concerning my child I mentioned our use of “crossing the mid line.”  They looked at me like I spoke another language.  In doubt I began a search.  Was I crazy? There is a study of a small and restricted population looking at a correlation of learning disorders and mobility issues including crossing the mid line.  The Lancet  published an article looking at disorders in crossing the mid line.   Stanford directly answered the question about mid line but the answer I find incomplete based on the previous two findings and the article just addressing one company’s claims.   A simple Google search and my own experience is that there is something to this.  If you search for “crossing the mid line” especially with therapy, you will find a large number of educated professionals advocating for the use of these types of movements.  My own success with myself and my children affirm the need to cross the line.  Then they like to cross the line in other ways.

girl-kids-training-school-159782.jpegSo, what is a mid line?   The mid line is a imaginary line from top to bottom that divides your body in half.  To cross the mid line, one moves or twist a body part from one side to the other.   Left to right, right to left. Crossing the mid line, for most, is naturally developed in motion and brain engagement.   You do it every day in simple motions as using your pencil from one side of the paper to the other.

It’s not just for kids.

A loose theory is that the  biggest impact is felt in childhood when crossing the mid line is practiced more; however, adult can find immense benefit too.  Feel like you’re clumsy? Cross the mid line more.  Difficulty concentrating? Mid line, cross it.   These intentional movements are an excellent way to boost anyone’s brain power and movement function.  I have ADHD and this is definitely in my arsenal.  My daughter is in speech therapy, part of her time is Integrative Music Therapy.  This type of therapy uses specific motions, including cross the mid line with specific sound pulses to develop her brain.  The results have been incredible.  Do take note, crossing the mid line is a part to a whole.  Best brain/mind care involves purposeful activities like this plus cardio.  It is also part to a complete nutritional diet, correct sleep, and more.   It does take time and consistency to gain its full effects as well.  Keep this is mind when adding “crossing the mid line” to your tool box.  It’s something that everyone could benefit from, especially you.

Ways to Cross the Mid Line


Yoga is my practice and growing training; this is where I gain the benefits the most.  Check out my Pinterest Yoga Board for a variety of visuals for poses among other things.


  • Revolved Anything!! It’s simple, any asana/pose you twist in:
    • Revolved chair
    • Revolved side angle
    • Revolved triangle
    • Revolved wide stance forward bend
    • Half lord of the fishes
    • Standing hand to toe with twist variation
    • Seated spinal twist
    • Supine twist
    • Cow face pose
    • Eagle pose
  • Most of these are great for kids too!

Revolved or twisted poses in yoga detox your digestive system.  An improved digestive system boosts your brain  and increases optimal physical body function.  This on top of crossing the mid line makes it a rather potent yoga practice.



  • Baseball, softball, ping pong, tennis, dance, etc.  Lots of sports cross the mid line; however, these sports specifically utilize crossing the mid line.

Go vertical

  • Wall art, easel, dry erase boardquote-chalk-think-words.jpg

A part of my ghost child’s spelling routine is always writing her words on a dry erase board at least a few times.  It makes a HUMONGOUS difference. To those people in that meeting, I am not THAT kind of crazy.  Crossing the mid line works!  Utilizing our easel is always in encouraged.  In the past, I had students put their writing on a dry erase boards then correct their work.  Some times proof reading is a pain and this change made it easier for them and me.   I am toying with the idea of adding a large dry erase board to our study area for me.  I figured it would look more polished than nailing paper to the wall.

It’s simple.   The key is move one side of your body to the opposite side.  These activities are multi beneficial.  Yoga as a practice develops discipline and calms your mind while you are engaging it.  Sports are oxygen flow boosting and a social cooperative as they are benefits in coordination.   Drawing, writing vertically does more than improve brain function, its a new perspective and fine motor skills.  Be intent with your all your actions and cross the line.


Namaste and twist

Check this out! Great advice for finding any activity to be active

Check this out! Great advice for finding any activity to be active

We have touched on Choosing the Right Yoga Class for You and there are many different styles out there but, there are also, many different teachers. Yoga is a practice, it is continual. Each day in your life is different, why not switch your practice up one day? With all the different styles, studios and teachers […]

via Try Different Yoga Classes! — Strong Lotus Yogi

Quick Meal for Your Monday

Quick Meal for Your Monday

My food relationship can be time consuming, even with fantastic results.  Sometimes a girl wants something on the simple side.  This recipe is easy enough to make that it fits on a “pin.”    I like to go easy on my kidneys and eat vegetarian often.  This gives great protein, vegetarian or not with cauliflower, Parmesan cheese, and green beans.  Yes, even green veggies have some protein in them.  Packed with nutrition for your brain, body, and Southern soul.  Namaste on your Monday.

Being Selfish to be Selfless

Being Selfish to be Selfless

Today I am happily exhausted from a whirlwind week of maid of honor duty to a fantastic wedding celebration.  Today is my vacation from vacation to unpack, clean, restock, and laundry.  Two and half hours of laundry and putting away said laundry.  I truly question why we aren’t nudist. As our blitz has ended, I wondered how we aren’t in worse shape.  My answer came.  I was selfish.  A little bit.

There truly is an imbalance with the selfish concept.  People are egotistical assholes or martyrs burning before their time.  I don’t want to be either.  Chances are neither do you.  This past week was dedicated to my sister and ultimately her fiancee, but mainly my sister.  The whole week I had my niece too.  Parts of the week I had an additional one to all four of my children plus my husband.  There was time spending with family plus bonding with new family.  Our schedules were out of whack. Tons of travel and car time.  My usual yoga and meditation time, exercise time were thrown out the window.  It really could have been hell.  But it wasn’t.  Because I am a little bit selfish.

For so long I watch all these super pinterest moms do these incredible things that I can never do.  I was barely surviving.  When I started my weight loss journey, it turned into a wellness journey.  Self care is a huge part of that journey. It requires me to be a little bit selfish.  One of the biggest things I had to learn was boundaries, especially in my household.  When I say something I mean it and it’s not okay for it to be ignored.  This is a perfectly healthy boundary.  It does mean accepting what ever responses are handed back to me.  And you have to wait.  Thirty minutes ago I was on the elliptical and my preschool son wanted some milk. He had to wait and he didn’t die.  I got my uninterrupted time.  Pick your boundaries to protect your self and care routine with reasonable expectations.

I am covetous of my shower and morning routine.  Some things take precedent due to whatever reason.  But it better be a FREAKING great reason.  Bathing, make up, brushing my teeth or not negotiable to be undonne. They shouldn’t be for you either.  I have four children plus my niece and I make it happen.  It may be an epic Olympic dash, but you bet your ass it happens. You don’t have excuse.  You and I need it.  Those things are basic; how you dress and under dress is essential.  It was a commitment I made to myself to dress nicely everyday including what’s under the dress after deciding to be an “at home mom.”  Even if it’s jeans in a t- shirt.  No holes or stains, clean, and chosen with intention.  Most days I am at home or in the neighborhood with the kids. It is not for anyone but me.  I have a limited budget and get creative.  You don’t have spend a lot to look and feel good.  My sister’s Bachlorette party (photo) I felt incredible and the only major change from my daily routine was a little black dress.  It gave me the confidence to shamelessly dance like a white girl.  Take the time for hygiene and dress, it’s a powerful confidence boost.

Take time to in pour by yourself  and with other selves.  My yoga and meditation practice is what keeps me from the power drain on a daily basis.  Exercise, being in nature, reading, and being creative are other ways I in pour. Either by myself or with others.  If you do not in pour, you have nothing to out pour.  We had a long drive home yesterday but we drove by one of my favorite places to hike in North Carolina.  We had to take the detour.  It was moment shared with two of my children.  We took in the nature.  Bonded with each other.  Taking that extra thirty minutes to walk around Pilot Mountain uplifted us and made the drive more bearable.  In pour. Daily.

Know your limitations.  NO is potent word.  You or I are not less in a respectful no and knowing where our limitations are.  Additionally, don’t be afraid to ask for help or receive help.  YES is a potent word. Thanks to grandparents taking kids this past week was far more possible.  Seriously, thank you grandparents.  The other bridesmaids really put together an amazing party. I didn’t ask for help  and setting ego aside, it was a fabulous event that celebrated my sister.  It seems selfish to say no or have help, but you may be robbing someone else of a needed opportunity.  Be a little bit selfish.

When you invest  in self care, in pour to yourself, and set those limitations this allows for more selflessness.  Be a little bit selfish.  I was able to give more to my sister, family, and this celebration. And enjoy it!!  We can come back and continue without feeling depleted.  You need to be little bit selfish to be selfless.


*originally posted on September 26, 2017